Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are important to me because they allow me to express my thoughts and ideas appropriately and accurately to others. Without the skills to communicate effectively, people will not be able to understand what I have in mind. This can result in misunderstandings, which may adversely lead to problems in social interaction. Good communication skills not only eradicate misunderstandings, but also make me feel more confident when interacting with people. This confidence can lead to a feel-good factor, which increases my willingness to continue interacting and communicating with people. The more I communicate with people, the better I get at it.


  1. Even though this may be the shortest post I have ever read as a response to this assignment, I like the logic of it. The way you boil communication down to the "feel-good factor" impresses me in both its simplicity and insight.

    You might have added, of course "feel good factor" is best experienced by a pair (or group), as a mutually inclusive emotion.

    But then that might have been a tad long-winded.

    Thanks, Ray!

    1. Thank you very much for your compliment, Brad.

      I would like to add that when having a conversation with anybody, be it a close friend or a newly made acquaintance, it is very important to let him/her experience the 'feel-good factor' too.

      Contrary to popular belief, the most effective way to make someone feels at ease, is NOT to TALK more, but to LISTEN attentively and have a genuine INTEREST in whatever he/she says.

      Sometimes, by withholding the urge to say everything at one go, you allow others the opportunity to contribute proactively in the conversation. The two-way communication is what keeps a 'dialogue' going.

      This not only prevents yourself from dominating the conversation, but can also impresses others with your level of attentiveness and degree of interest in what they say (even though making an impression on others may not be the initial motive, at least a desirable outcome is obtained).

      As a result, they will also experience the 'feel-good factor', which encourages them to share even more about themselves.

      Don't you agree that sometimes less is more? (or in the case of this blog post, less generates more.)

  2. Hey Rui,
    I agree with you that the only way to improve communication is through actually practicing it. We can read many books about communication, but there is only so much that reading can do. For example, reading many books on baking, but to improve on baking skills, the only way to be a great baker is through practicing cause there are many variables that affect the final product.
    I like that you were able to make your post short and sweet. It captures the main elements of the importance of communication to you.

  3. Hi Rui!
    I totally agree with you and Tasha, that practice make professional.
    At least for me I feel more aware of how I communicate since this course started. I also observe how other people communicate in a bigger extent, taking in the good things they do.

    Impressive how you manage to answer the question "Why effective communication is important to me" in such a short post and still you get your point through to the reader.